When you’ve been in this business since 1978, some things about language become clear—such as the benefits of teaching “beyond the classroom,” the absolute need for cultural context, and the value of programs tailored to an individual’s aptitude, schedule and goals.

ICA Language Services delivers this proven approach with a personal touch, helping students learn and government and corporate clients carry out their missions worldwide.

We’ve helped individuals and organizations operate smarter and more effectively through successful communication—whether in Spanish, Mandarin, Balochi, Chavacano or the 111 other languages and dialects we cover. We’ve trained and tested people in Arabic, Pashto and Dari—even before September 11th.

We’ve been among the first language specialists working in emerging areas, such as the Balkans and Central Asia, and we’re among the top GSA Schedule choices for thousands of senior-level professionals boosting their proficiency and their careers.

And our journey is just beginning.