Methodology Matters

Professionalism and rigor are necessities in the fields of translation and interpretation, and they are what set ICA Language Services apart.

Every translation project begins with a thorough review of relevant background to make sure our professionals get the right information from the very beginning, including important terms, phrases and contextual detail. Concurrently, the project lead sets a timetable and addresses any formatting or other administrative issues. With ICA, you can trust that every piece you send to us will be translated by a native-speaking human being (not a machine), then reviewed again before it hits your desk. Throughout, a senior ICA professional is available to address any questions and walk you through the process.

The same methodology and attention to detail guide our interpretation services. Accredited interpreters arrive at an assignment on time and ready to go, prepared with the right equipment and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. With ICA, you can trust that we’ve assigned the best professional for your job, whether it’s in the field in Afghanistan or in a busy courtroom in Arlington, Virginia. We understand all the essential traits, such as excellent vocabulary and memory, fluency in both languages and strong interpersonal and listening skills. If you have questions or concerns at any point, we’re always available to listen and make sure no important detail is lost in translation.