Getting started with ICA Language Services is simple.

If you wish, you are invited to tour our Rosslyn facility, meet our staff and talk about your program. This gives you a chance to understand the curriculum, the atmosphere and the schedule before you start.

But if time is tight, just give us a call. As soon as we select your perfect instructor, which can be as quickly as the next day, you can begin your language lessons.

At the request of our students, most of our full-time language training sessions take place from either 8 a.m.–1 p.m. or 1–6 p.m. each day. This meets our students’ need for flexibility to fit study time, activities, family commitments or part-time jobs into their schedule. Most part-time students study in the late afternoons, early evenings or Saturdays. We will work closely with you to find the best schedule.

We guarantee value, flexibility and relevance during your time with us. At ICA, the focus is on you—we make sure everything about your language training experience is the perfect fit.

    Class Scheduling

    Full time classes are scheduled 8AM–1PM or 1PM–6PM. Only special exceptions will be made to schedule otherwise. Part time classes must be scheduled after 1PM. Hours of operation are Mon–Thur 8AM–8PM, Fri 8AM–6PM, Sat 9AM–2PM.

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