Certificate Program

A lower cost alternative to one-on-one training.

Are you deciding on your next career move? Do you want to take advantage of today’s growing demand for foreign-language experts? ICA Language Services now offers another option for obtaining the practical, real-world language proficiency that opens the door to lucrative jobs.

Our Certificate Program provides students with the high-quality coursework, instructors, language immersion and supplemental resources of our one-on-one-style training at a lower group cost. Even though learning is delivered through college-style group classes with set schedules and curricula, we never forget the value of personal attention—so the group size never exceeds four people.

The program is open to all students.  Standards of progress and certification testing make our courses ideally suited for tuition reimbursement programs if you are already in a field that values foreign language proficiency.

If we don’t have the language lessons you need, we’ll develop the course within 30 days. Upon graduating the course, you’ll gain a certificate from a trusted training leader to present to your current—or future—employer.

If you’re interested in applying for the Certificate Program, contact our Student Services Admissions Manager at 703-527-8666 ext. 111 or rbendanoun@icalanguages.com.