ICA Training Services

You can’t learn a language without speaking it—and speaking it often. That’s why ICA’s Training Division provides one-on-one language training and abundant speaking opportunities for each and every student. For 30 years, ICA has helped large organizations, individual students and everything in between to learn locally (at our site or theirs) and to speak globally. Today we offer part-time and full-time language lessons and customized materials development in more than 115 distinct languages and dialects.

The ICA difference: We use educated, native-speaking instructors and a rich blend of materials—including curricula we develop ourselves—to prepare our students for both the formal and colloquial language of the country. We complement classroom language lessons with a blend of cultural events, language immersions, outside projects and activities more appropriate to a student’s situation and goals.

Our flexibility, professionalism and commitment to personal service also keeps teachers and students coming back. For example, if a student ever must leave for a remote job, we provide them with the support they need to keep up the language, including video conferencing with instructors, listening exercises, podcasts and online resources.

ICA students have the opportunity to take a “mock test” before the official language proficiency examination, so they can familiarize themselves with the testing format and evaluation system that will be used on testing day.  Because the mock test is administered by the testing division, the test’s independence and quality is guaranteed.