Students can feel free to consider our Rosslyn facility their personal language learning space.

An Environment Designed for Learning

All of our students have access to the entire facility—which includes a fully equipped resource center filled with print, video and electronic materials and a theater that continuously shows films and television programs from around the world. Students can also use additional classrooms for conversation groups and listening exercises. To make learning convenient, students are welcome to stay after class or come early to study, work on projects and practice their language proficiency skills.

ICA prides itself on using technology to enhance the learning experience. Each of our 53 classrooms is fitted with high-speed Internet and brand new computers. We also provide students with space on our server for their materials, which they can transfer and take with them when they leave.

Take a Look at the Facility

Learning Beyond the Classroom

The learning that takes place at our Rosslyn location is only part of the story. We encourage our students to take advantage of opportunities outside of the classroom, too.

Off-site learning can include cultural events at nearby embassies, museum field trips with tours conducted in the language a student is studying or weekly conversational meet-ups with others in the community. We also offer immersion experiences at a remote language training facility in Sterling, Va. and through site visits and home stays in a student’s target country.